This is a travel blog. Napuntahan Ko Na! is about places I have been in the Philippines. I was inspired by the Lakbayan app, that scores you on the provinces or places you have visited in the Philippines. Some people would count the number of provinces they have visited. In this blog I would rather count the number of Cities or Towns (the Municipality) that I have visited. There is more value, for me, to know the municipalities you have visited.

One example.

I have been to Pandanon Island. All the expenses I paid there contributed somehow to the income of the local people in that area. Pandanon Island is in Bohol province. Would it suffice to say that I have been to Bohol already, even though I have been to Pandanon Island only?

Well, I think it would be better to say that I have been to Getafe Bohol. Pandanon Island is indeed in Getafe Bohol. Ahhh… I wish I could be more specific to the Barangay level but I would not go to that anymore. Municipal level would suffice. And this count would give me a better picture on how many places have I visited in the Philipines.

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Let’s go! Tara Na! Let’s travel!

– owenferrer