Tacloban City

Pinoy DIY Traveler

Here was my travel plan:

  1. To Sight-see – San Juanico Bridge, Government Buildings, Parks, Shrines/Museum, Beach, and Historical Landmarks
  2. Know Accessibility – How to get around this city cheaply.
  3. Find a Comfortable Lodging – AC Room, With TV, With Free WiFi, With Own CR, With Cable TV, and cheap (less than P1000/night).
  4. Explore Local Food – What do locals eat here? What is their favorite food?

Well, not all of those things were done because we got lazy. The afternoon sun was really hot. And after looking at 3 lodgings, we decided to stay at Grand Royal Suites. We first checked Hotel Lai Rico (with wifi), then checked Highness Pension (no wifi), and then finally at Grand Royal Suites (with wifi). Although Grand Royal Suites had wifi, my laptop was not able to connect to the internet (there is wifi signal but poor internet signal). Room was at P850…

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