Island Hop at Honday Bay!

Pinoy DIY Traveler

How To Get Here (DIY Style):
* From PPC Airport, ride a tricycle going to the Market (To Sta Lourdes Tricycle Station). Fare is P10/person or more, tricycle from the airport usually overcharges.
* At the Market terminal, tricycle will only leave if all the 5 seats are filled up. Fare is P20/person. Buy your packed lunch and snacks here at the market before riding the tricycle (my estimate is P100/person).
* The tricycle will drop you at Sta Lourdes Pier. Then go to the Tourist Center Desk to tell them that you will just share boat rent with others. Or you may rent your own boat there.
* For an itinerary like Starfish-Snake-Pambato, the boat rent for 6Pax is 1500/boat. Therefore P250/person.
* Entrance Fee: Starfish = 50/Pax, Pambato Reef =50/Pax
* Tables at Snake Island = Free
* Bring Snorkel & Fins. Or rent it. I think priceā€¦

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