Here’s one old post about my early travels to Coron Palawan!

Mr. DIY Travel

Here I am again going to Coron Palawan. Silly as it may seems, but the main reason for going here is because I have a new digicam and I want to practice shooting some new settings. And since Coron is easily accessible and have a cheap fare, I decided to go Coron again….

Here’s my intro… at the superferry terminal at Pier 15…
img_0096 superferry pier

Here the superferry ship, MV Our Lady Of Medjugorje (OLOM)…
img_0103 mv our lady of medjugorje

Inside MV OLOM… well, I think this is the least nice ship of superferry…
img_0106 olom mega value roomimg_0129 mv olom super value room

Here’s the view of Manila as seen from MV OLOM while docked in Manila Bay…
img_0107 around pier 15

And because of so many cargo vehicles, our departure was delayed from 6pm etd to 10pm etd. Instead of being angry and frustrated, I experiment some night shots while at the ship…
img_0110 at night  around pier 15

I slept that Friday night in the superferry beds at around 10pm, the ship still not…

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