How To Go To Clark Airport (DMIA) Cheaply

Marquee Mall To Clark Airport Map - Google Maps1

Last May 11-13, 2013, I purposely went to Angeles Pampanga just to see how to go to Clark Airport (Diosdado Macapagal International Airport) cheaply… and to see if it is worth the effort and money.

Coming from Imus Cavite, the trip is compose of 6 legs. See below:

  • 1. Imus – Shaw via AC Bus = P45
  • 2. Shaw – Victory Liner Cubao = P13 (estimate)
  • 3. Victory Liner Cubao – Marquee Mall Angeles = P129 (estimate)
  • 4. Marquee Mall – BPI Balibago via Marquee’s Shuttle = Free
  • 5. BPI Balibago – Check Point Terminal via Jeep = P8
  • 6. Check Point Terminal – Clark Airport via Route 1 Jeep = P15
  • Estimated Total Travel Time = 4 Hours! (including the waiting time)

It can be improved through the following variations:

  • From Imus, drop at Pasay Terminal instead.
  • Drop at Dau Terminal instead of Marquee Mall
  • You may just walk after dropping at Cubao (last stop of Cavite Bus)


  • Going To Clark Airport, I would suggest the via Marquee Mall way. You may want to eat at or just check out Marquee Mall.
  • Going Back To Manila, I would suggest the via Dau way (although I did not take this route). I believe there are more buses passing this terminal. Thus, there are more choices of bus line and bus route. And it is much closer to Check Point Terminal.
  • Allow 4 hours travel time, including the waiting and stop over. If you have a 12nn flight, you would have to leave at 6am.
  • If you have a very early flight, you may consider staying overnight at hotels at Check Point – Main Gate area along 21st street. Go there a night before and come morning after, take a taxi going to Clark Airport. Or you may allow 30 minutes travel time if you travel by jeepney starting at around 6am.

My Conclusion

Considering the 4 hours trip time, going there via commute, I would say that having a private car would be more practical. However, the transportation cost will surely be above P420 (based on P210 x 2way cheapest fare). Even adding P1000 transport cost to a promo Clark-based airfare plus a 2-3 hours travel time by car is not an attractive prospect for me.

I really felt tired after the transfer from Cavite to Clark Airport. Therefore the P420 round trip transportation cost would not be worth the effort for me. I would still choose the Manila Airport (NAIA), since it is just an hour away from my place.

Would I buy a Clark-based promo air ticket? My answer would be “No” for now. Since I am coming from Imus Cavite.

Would I commute to Clark Airport? My answer would be “Yes!”. Yes, if Clark Airport is part of a bigger itinerary and for some other reason, then I would go there. Anyway, going to Clark Airport is cheap!

Until Then!


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